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Thank-you Peterborough for three packed shows!

Thank-you Port Hope for three sold out shows!
Thank-you Lindsay for three incredible shows.

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations
Peterborough - Showplace - 1-866-444-2154 -
Port Hope - Capitol Theatre - 1 800-434-5092 -
Lindsay - Academy Theatre -  1-877-888-0038 -

Bruce Stewart as Joseph

The Narrators

Jenn Miller, Wendy Shaer, Heather Knechtel

David Glover as the Pharaoh

The Wives

                                                                               Anne Austin                     Laura Austin     

                                                                               Anne Corke                      Courtney Hillier                 

                                                                               Kim Hillier                        Kathy LaBranche

                                                                               Deb Lawler                       Kaitlin Lawler

                                                                               Louisa Norris                    Rhonda Smith

                                                                                                   Lee Wakelin

Al Frank as Jacob

The Brothers

Rod Workman  - Reuben

Jeff Lawrence - Simeon

John Miller - Judah

Ryan Elliot  - Gad

Matt Bllundell  - Asher

Tim Jeffries - Dan

Phil Ferreri  - Naphtali

Barry  Hutchinson - Isachar

Keevin Andrews  - Zebulun

Remi Mireault  - Levi  

Steven Case  - Benjamin

Matt Blundell  - Potiphar


The Dancers

   Amanda Austin                  Sarah Fox

  Brittany Hall                      Rebekah Houpt

 Stephanie Jackman             Christie Reed

 Deanna Schroeter               Elizabeth Swales


The Joseph Band

Ken Erskine (Percussion), Neal Matice (Guitar), Martha Morrocco (Viola), Linda Kramer (Keyboard), Laurie Mitchell (Violin),

Greg Samek (Drums), Steven Baric (Keyboard), Sam Whillans (Bass Guitar), Matt Mitchell (Cello),

Leah Bell (French Horn), Frank Gallimore (Clarinet, Alto Sax), Greg Ward (Oboe, English Horn), Tamara Mitchell (Violin)

Dan Shaer (Conductor)

The children's choir for Peterborough with Dan & Wendy Shaer

The children's choir for the Port Hope shows.

The children's choir for the Lindsay shows.

The Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Cast, Band & Crew