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Bellevegas IV The Big Band Sessions

Bellevegas IV Videos

Birth of the Blues - Wendy Shaer
Late In The Evening - Jenn Miller
Respect - Sonya Zaback
Sweet Home Chicago - Tim Campbell
Rock this Town - Freddy Vette
God Bless the Child - Lenni Stewart
Save the Last Dance - Jeannette Arsenault
Come Fly With Me - John Miller

Bellevegas IV Pictures

Full Cast
The cast of Bellevegas IV
LtoR Lenni Stewart, Sonia Zaback, Susan Walsh, Jeanette Arsenault, Debra Tosh, Jenn Miller, Wendy Shaer, Kim Dafoe, Freddy Vette, John Miller, Tim Campbell, Tim Hunt

Wendy Shaer
Wendy Shaer singing Birth of the Blues
Freddy Vette
Freddy Vette singing Since I Don't Have You
Sonya Zaback
The amazing Sonya Zaback.
Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell singing and playing Sweet Home Chicago.
Dan & Lance
Dan Shaer & Lance Jeffrey the driving force of the band.
Brass Section
Our amazing brass and rhythm sections.
Back row - Tyson Galloway - Bass, Neal Mattice-Guitar
Trombones- Kevin Cook, Roger Chong, Steve Web & Alex Cole
Trumpets - Steve Pettafor , Andy Coffin, Blair Yarranton
Sax Section
Our talented Sax section, Keyboards and Vocalists.

Saxes L to R - Tim Roberts, Diana Roy, Paul Scofield, Cydnet Camping, Trevor Gilman
Keyboards - Ken Cory 
Vocalists - Sonya Zaback, Debra Tosh, John Miller